Windham New Hampshire

Windham NH 03087 || Fire 434-4907 || Library 432-7154 || Police 434-5577 || Schools 425-1976 || Town Hall 434-5075 || Transfer Station 426-5102

Household Income in Windham NH

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Median household income in Windham New Hampshire is $116,881, that is over 50% higher than the average for Rockingham County, which is already the wealthiest county in the state.

Windham NH Median Household Income

Median Household Income in Windham New Hampshire

Based on 2010 census data, Windham had the 6th highest household income in New Hampshire, with Bedford leading the pack, then at $116,299, currently at  $140,292.

Rank Community Median Household Income
1 Bedford, New Hampshire $116,299
2 Amherst, New Hampshire $115,405
3 Hollis, New Hampshire $112,885
4 Brentwood, New Hampshire $112,500
5 Hampton Falls, New Hampshire $112,417
6 Windham, New Hampshire $112,386
7 Stratham, New Hampshire $106,591
8 Newfields, New Hampshire $106,389
9 Bow, New Hampshire $101,731
10 Brookline, New Hampshire $101,722

What could be the reason behind the widening gap?


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