Windham New Hampshire

Windham NH 03087 || Fire 434-4907 || Library 432-7154 || Police 434-5577 || Schools 425-1976 || Town Hall 434-5075 || Transfer Station 426-5102

What Is Selling in Windham?

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The average home sale price in Windham NH before the market down-turn was around $550,000. How things have changed. Look at the price distribution now.

Since January to August of 2010 about 120 homes have been sold. The leading price range is the $300k to $400k bracket with 29 sales this year. The next most popular market segment is the $400-500k range with 26 homes sold in Widham NH. In third place is the $500-600k property group with a distant 18 sales in the first 8 months of 2010. No homes have been sold over $900,000 in a town that was a leader in the million dollar plus market in New Hampshire.

Windham NH Sold Homes Price Histogram 01/01/2010 - 08/31/2010

The change in real estate sales price structure is reflected in the per square foot prices as well. At the height of the market Windham NH homes were selling for $200 / sqft. Now? Buyers are cherry picking homes under $100 / sqft.

Click to see a current list of real estate deals in Windham NH.


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