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Windham NH Budget 2009 Charts

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The Windham New Hampshire town budget proposal at $12,308,969.00 for the year 2009 is nearly flat relative to 2008.  The top 5 budget items are the Fire Department $2,650,915 the Police Department $2,359,750 Town Highway Maintenance $1,206,150 Solid Waste Disposal $994,010 and the Library $986,460. These 5 departments amount to $8,197,285 or 66.6% of the total 2009 budget. Including the next five line items, the budget assigned to the top 10 items increases to $10,451,975 or 84.9% of the total Windham NH budget for 2009.

Windham NH 2009 budget items over $100k

Windham NH 2009 budget items over $100k

In this respect the budget structure is healthy, it concentrates 2/3rds of the grand total on 5 essential town services: fire, police, highway, trash removal and library.  The sum of all line items that are less than $100k individually, amounts to $422,640 or 3.4% of the budget.

The Town of Windham 2009 Warrant and Budget also contains extra-budgetary spending proposals or articles. With the exception of Article 5, all are recommended by the Board of Selectman or the Planning Board. The total expense of the articles supported by the Boards is $1,385,510 or 11.2% of the $12,308,969.00 operating budget for 2009.

Articles of Town Warrant - Windham New Hampshire

Articles of Town Warrant – Windham New Hampshire

Some of these items are either carry-overs from previous budgets or are only partially paid by the town, portions may be funded by the State of New Hampshire. The biggest items are the Highway complex $960,000 Windham Depot Engineering $176,000 and Ambulance for the Fire Department at $155,000. The rest of the articles amount to less than $100k.

If Article 5 for conservation land purchases was approved by the voters the total for the articles would increase to $6,385,510 or 51.2% of the core budget, inflating the 2009 Windham NH budget to $18,694,479.


Warrant and Budget 2009 – Windham New Hampshire

Articles of Warrant – explanation


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