Windham New Hampshire

Windham NH 03087 || Fire 434-4907 || Library 432-7154 || Police 434-5577 || Schools 425-1976 || Town Hall 434-5075 || Transfer Station 426-5102

Grace House of Windham

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Assited living with individual care, a home where the elderly can feel loved and safe. If you liked the movie “Benjamin Button” you’ll love this place, as you cross from the cold of the winter into the warmth of the visitor’s area, time doesn’t start flowing backward but it does slow down.

Soaring windows

Soaring windows

The soaring space of the two story entrance is filled with sunshine, the cascading light pours in through the arched window over the double front door and casts an intricate shadow on the freshly painted walls. You sit down and soak in the sight, the richness of the architecture, trim work, gleaming wood, decorative coloumns and the craftsmanship of Delbar Builders. There is quality here, this is a solid place, where you can grow old and know you will be cared for until you’re ready to leave this world.

Susan Pike a geriatric nurse is bursting with the energy of excitement, taking care of all the last minute arrangements before the grand opening later this week, open houses on Thursday and Friday for health care professionals and Saturday and Sunday for the general public. They are hoping to start operations at the beginning of April.

As owner, she is especially proud of the unique services they will be able to offer at Grace House, a completely personalized care that includes daily quality time with each individual in a small home environment.

Research suggests that residents of small homes appear better satisfied and report better quality of life than do residents of traditional larger homes.

“It will be a home where the staff knows if you like to sleep on your right side and you want your pillows stacked high.” – she beams.

Grace House of Windham

Grace House of Windham

Open houses for Health Care Professionals: 2-6PM Thursday, March 5th  and 10AM-2PM Friday, March 6th

Open houses for the public: 10AM-2PM Saturday, March 7th and 10AM-2PM Sunday, March 8th

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